Spices Packaging Material is available in different designs, size options, material and color choices so as to match up with the specific demands of the customers. Here, we also ensure that the packaging quality provided helps in maintaining the freshness and aroma of the spices packed inside as well as supports the demands of enhancing the shelf life of these packed products.

Features :

  • Quality spice packaging solutions made available in different color, size and material choices as desired by customers.
  • Offering superior quality packaging that safeguards the product’s freshness Can be made available in different material finishes like PET, POLY, MET and others.
  • Packaging is also resistant to moisture, dust as well as other contaminating agents present in surrounding atmosphere.
  • Safeguarding the spices original taste and richness as packed afresh.
  • Use of quality food grade plastics.
  • Making packaging available in glossy, colorful and leak-proof finish.

Applications :For a wide range of spicesCommon Structures :PET / POLY    PET / MET PET / POLYPET / PET / POLY