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Vishal Containers Ltd. is providing sustainable packaging varieties made from standard quality films. Advantages of having flexible packaging with standard quality of films are to keep out from oxygen & moisture, which will help to protect tea and coffee texture and quality both.

We are providing options like; stand-up pouches; roll stock, zipper pouches, pillow pouches, and also fully customized packaging to fit your requirement. As we know the quality needed, we are using high barrier films, which is good to keep the freshness and fragrance of the product.

Film Types:

Product we offer:

Printing Technology

Pouching Format

Special Effects:

Gloss Finished

Matt Finished


Raised Tactile Finish​

Gloss Finished

Grit Sand Finish​

Soft Touch​


Circupack Recyclable Solutions

We are eliminating the use of single-use plastic and other materials with eco-friendly packaging materials. To develop sustainable packaging, we offer green packaging and recyclable packaging solutions through EB technology. We not only provide sustainable packaging but we help you in making your product packaging look attractive and stand out on the shelf by giving several special effects and decorative coatings like Gloss, Matt, Textures, Tactile Raised and Glitter. Our sustainable based packaging offers superior product protection and handling capabilities.